Thursday, November 26, 2009

Writing like bronze

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I hope all of yalls Thanksgivings have been incredible!
Mine was really good, I ate a huge meal with my family, watched the Cowboys with my Dad and read The Alchemist.
The Alchemist is an incredible book by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian, who wrote it in 1988 the year I was born. It was given to me by my good friend Jade, for my birthday, but this was the first time I have had time to read it. She gave it to me because she said that the protagonist Santiago(which by the way in Spanish means James, my middle name...weird) reminded her of me. I loved the book, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a holiday read.
Jade is one of the most brilliant people I know on this earth! She studied abroad with me in Uruguay and I think we will be friends to the grave. She is from Korea, and once in a literature class in Montevideo our Profesora told us that "she had three students who write like gold, and Brandon you write like bronze" and this was in English. Jade's a bio-chemistry major... English isn't even what shes talented at and she's still better than me. She is an incredible woman and I am blessed to have her as a friend.
Well my thoughts are all filled up with the book right now and so I just want to give yall a few main points, but I wont give away the story. Follow your passion because if you don't you will always wonder what if. Don't get sidelined because of love, if its really love then it will be there when you have gone through your journey, and that the people that really love you want to see you happy. Don't let the fear of change keep you from doing what you want.
Well I'm not going to write to much more, because its a holiday and I kind of have a headache, but quickly I just want encourage everyone to call the people that you care about or go see them.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa!

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  1. must be nice to be that Jade girl :P lol