Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey everybody!
Wow it has almost been a week since I last posted...I am a failure.
I tried 100 days straight, but life has since gotten in the way. I will let you guys know however that it was not for good reason that I haven't been posting... I have been invited to go to Brazil in August (or maybe July) to work with my friends Mark and Ali Kaiser( in Itu, Sao Paulo, interning with a church but focusing on economic development. I have been getting really excited about the things that could end up happening. They are in town, along with my friends Pedro, and Gabriel and we have been working out details of what can happen. Systems could be changing and my life is going to be very different if it all works out. If I do go, I am planning on staying in Brazil and going to grad school there. So while there are still a lot of obstacles, but it's looking more and more like it will happen.
So thats why I haven't been blogging
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Thursday, December 10, 2009

IR (that means to go in Spanish hmm) International Relations

Buenas everybody!!!
Hey so today I had to turn in a paper for international political economy. Tomorrow I have my last final in American Political thought, and then I'm out of here. I'm headed to Dallas tomorrow going to go see my friend Ro, and my friends Mark and Ali.
I'm supposed to graduate from ACU with a degree in Political Science focusing on International Relations and I don't like politics. Honestly, I don't enjoy politics, I'm going to get a degree in something that I don't enjoy. That kind of stinks. Don't get me wrong, I think its very interesting however if I was doing what I really enjoy I would be getting a degree in International Studies. The difference between the two is that International Studies is more focused on history, culture, and language while International Relations focuses on the Politics between countries. "Science is my passion, but politics is my duty" Thomas Jefferson I think this is a really interesting quotation because I feel the same way. I think that the only way that I can really help people is by working to change policy. I am a very passionate person, and what I am passionate about is trying to improve peoples lives. I feel like with my gifts and talents I have to work in the government. So right now I'm moving towards this type of career...I don't know if that is where I'm going to end up, but I know that I want to be helping people.
just some thoughts
good night everybody
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Like Ants

Que pasa ustedes?
I hope everyone is doing well tonight! I almost though with finals only two more to go!!! I had two finals today, they were pretty rough...not that they were that hard its just that one was at 8 am... which isn't to bad usually, but it is horrible for a final. Hopefully it will end up good though. Today I got to have lunch with my good friend Ryan, then I went to church, and tonight I had dinner with a group of amazing girls.
This week has been such a grind, and it keeps on going. Its funny in times that are difficult like this the things that people can accomplish...finals week really can't compare to the people who move boulders and lift cars when their loved ones are in danger. It just amazes me what it is that people can really accomplish when they have no reservations.
Hey ive got to study.
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hey everybody!!! Buenas!!!
So today I had two finals one for public administration and the other in Latin-American cinema. Tomorrow I have one in microeconomics and I have to present a final project in social research.
Tonight I worked with Tony and Coleen on getting our project of my main responsibilities was going at getting about thirty surveys filled out for our project. So I walked around the library, called in a few favors, and passed them out to a cloud of freshmen girls. At first they seemed a bit hesitant, but then I told them that the survey is about marriage. They jumped on that thing faster than a bunch of thirteen year old boys on peperoni pizzas after a swimming party. I'm kind of wierded out by our freshman class this year, we already have 3 freshman girls who are engaged to guys who they met this semester here at ACU. I don't know if what they are feeling is love, but I know that when I was a freshman I was not ready for any kind of relationship of that level. I don't want to say that it can't work, because my parents were really young when they were wed... but I wish that they would wait until they got through with a few years of college... or even dating a few more months.
well I dont have that much to say
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello everybody!
Buenas!!! I hope everything is good for everyone.
Finals are here. I am sitting here watching a movie in spanish to get ready for my latin american cinema test tomorrow and reading for public administration... its going to be a crazy week.
When I was a kid my grandparents used to have a dog. His name was Cisco, he and I were pups together. When I was about 3 I had a candy in my mouth, however it fell out and Cisco jumped on it so fast...but i jumped on him. I grabbed him and put him in a headlock an pried that piece of candy out of his jaws and popped it back into my mouth. Once when we were playing in the backyard and I was losing tug-o-war, my small hands just could not hold on to the rope in comparison to his jaws. So I did the logical thing at the time and put the rope in my mouth and tried to win like this. Needless to say I still lost...but what was funny is I would lose and pout, but Cisco would come and put the rope on my lap and the competitive nature just drove me crazy and I had to keep trying.
You know its funny to me things like this...because sometimes our natures and our wants seem to get in the way of what may be the best thing. However, the only way to learn is to make mistakes.
I don't know
just some ideas
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa


Buenas everybody!!
Ah so blogging is getting harder everyday, but I will keep trying to be faithful.
Today I watched some football, studied for tests this week, went to church, and went to a Christmas party. I also discovered the bane of my existence lately...stumble it up.
I think about how people can change. I know that today I am a very different person compared to a few years ago. I am still me, but while remaining who I am I have grown. When I was a kid I used to hate having vegetables on my pizza I thought that it just completely ruined the whole meaning of what it meant to be eating pizza. I thought my parents were disgusting for eating it. Today, I will eat just about anything on pizza. I like a little supreme, love jalapenos, I even enjoy a pineapple pizza every now and again. (actually if you want a really good pizza try sweet corn and pineapple on a brick oven style crust) Now I have been told that as we get older some of our taste buds die and we go looking for stronger flavors to replace our whats left of our mortuary of a mouth and keep the enjoyment of eating food. But what I'm getting at with this alliteration is that sometimes when your younger you just aren't ready for somethings and it takes growth before you are. Now this isn't a new idea, but I'm learning about it more and more in my livin and lovin...
Keep me and all the other college students in your prayers because finals are here and there is a lot of stress in the air.
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm late again! NOOO! I almost forgot to do it tonight completely. Finals and friends have been getting in the way lately, so I'm officially going to suspend my 12 o'clock deadline until finals are over.
So tonight I got to go see my friend Aryanne who studied abroad with me in Uruguay, she just had a birthday so it was great to get to see her. Then I got to talk with my good friend Alisha which was really good.
One thing we talked about was people. I have two roommates who work as waiters at Chili's, and I have gotten to know the restaurant business through their eyes some. So now I usually tip fairly well at restaurants. I think that you can tell a lot about someones character by the way they treat people who are serving them, people like waiters, janitors, cafeteria workers, handymen. For one, if you believe its a good idea to treat the person that is handling your food poorly then you probably should get it though your head that they handle your you will probably eat what they bring to you eventually. More importantly I think that if someone can treat another human poorly, because of the job that they hold, it shows that they hold themselves to be very highly situated in the world, among other things. They are people too. Do you know the names of the janitor at the place that you work, the name of the waiter or waitress that you usually have at your favorite restaurant, or the handyman who helps fix things around your apartment complex/work/neighborhood? I just have one challenge for everyone. Learn their names
well those are the thoughts for today
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Hey everybody!
Buenas noches!!! I hope life is grand with everybody. Today, I went to class and a few other things. I went to a few different places.
I was looking today at the colors on the stoplights, and I started wondering about how people who are color blind can make it through the drivers ed test...then I remembered my friend who's Dad was color blind, and I asked him about it when we were kids. He told me that he had to memorize the order that the lights came in...I was thinking about how with all these new lights in the big city would it be harder to remember which lights are which... but then that is just for me because I'm used to depending on color. It's incredible some of the most basic things that we have we dont even realize how lucky we are to have them until they are gone... Things like health, limbs, sight, electricity, running water. Things like that. If you look at the elderly people in the world, who are a growing percentage of our population, you see that all of them were once the same as I am now. Its hard to imagine myself one day in a nursing home, and it is one of my biggest fears, but statistically speaking... that is probably going to be what will happen to me one day. I honestly don't think I'll make it to a retirement home, I'll probably get shot, or die of a heart attack, or my parachute won't open... I'm just not that lucky...but I'm not afraid of dying...I am more afraid of loosing independence.
Well thats some thoughts for today
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ok guys, cold, projects and waterball has caused me to be late tonight.
Ive never been late before
tomorrow i will post for real
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vitamin C

Hey everybody!!!
Espero que you guys are doing good!!!
Today, was a good day I got to talk with a lot of different people about trying to solve all my problems with classes next semester, about life, and about my future, and I feel good about today. I just got through working on a group extra credit project for International Political Economy. This project was we basically had to make up a CIA world factbook page for a made up country... our professor chose for our class to use the North Pole as our country. It was pretty interesting trying to apply IPE theories like international property rights, mercantilism, and dependency to the North pole and Santa Clause. It got pretty ridiculous, with our group having Santa enslaving the elves and undercutting the world market with his low prices...
I don't projects...
I think I may be getting a cold. Hopefully, I will be able to fight it down with Vitamin C and multivitamins.
So sorry I can't think of a lot to write about today.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey everybody!!!
I hope your having a good day, and a fantastic night.
We just played another waterball game... we won ya!!! Championship on Thursday at 10!!! Today I had my Spanish night class and I worked.
Tomorrow is my brothers birthday, and my parents got him a mandolin. My brother is a fantastic musician, and I'm excited to hear him play. People say that music is an international language. I disagree. I took an introduction to international music class and I got to hear music from all around the world. If you listen to some of the music of Bali, Asia, or other places there is some of it that can be pretty tough for my western ears to describe as music. My teacher showed our class a video about Mongolian throat singing (youtube it! its actually really cool) and told our class if anyone could learn how do it by Friday they would get a hundred and one on the test that week. So me being me I went home and started working on how to do it. Mongolian throat singing is a way of singing where you separate your nasal cavity from your throat, and make sounds in two different tones. Its supposed to represent the sounds of nature. So of course I ended up learning how to do it and I did get the 101!!! I love international music, and if you guys have some time you should look up talba and sitar from India, and mbube from Africa... those are my favorites.
Well that's what was on the brain today!
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa