Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good evening my friends. I hope that your day and weekend has been refreshing and carefree. Ya tenemos fourteen days of blogs. You know its been an interesting process for me so far and I encourage everyone to try it some time in their life.
I had a good day today and my good friend Jade cooked Korean food so I had a fantastic dinner with incredible people.
Sometimes I wonder what it means to be a man. Now I played football for ACU for one year and I don't remember any of the plays, but what I do remember is a speech on manhood by one of the coaches. A lot of that speech is going to show up in this blog, with my own special flair. I think that this world is lacking in true manhood, we live in world that tells us that tells us that what makes us a man. It changes as we get older, but we always have something that tells us what it is to be men. When we are kids on the playground what all the people want to be is the most athletic kid. We all wanted to be the first one picked for dodgeball and this is what we glorify as a society. If you look at our professional athletes and the salaries that they pull its obvious. When we get a little older we glorify the guys who can get all the girls. The guys with the sexual prowess and ability to sleep with as many girls as possible are the guys who you see movies about and what you see in every beer and alcohol commercial. That's where I'm right now in college. When you get a bit older, get a job, and start making money what society tells you the real man is a guy who can make the most money and buy the big house, the boat, and the Corvette(or Lamborghini or you fill the blank on the car).
What I think makes a man is the relationships that he builds.
Bueno I'm almost out of time but I may come back and right some more about this another day.
Well thanks everyone for reading and
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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