Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jeff and Steve

Oye! Che! Oi!!
Days are getting closer to me being in Brazil! I leave July the first. I started a new blog all about Brazil stuff, so if you would like to hear about whats going down in Brazil then I'll be writing there too, using this one more for stuff I'm thinking about and the other for what I'm doing and updates about Brazil.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the motivations for why we as people do what we do. I think that everyone almost always has their own self interest at heart when they are doing anything, even if it is altruistic. I think that people often do good deeds in order for reciprocation, even if its only a good feeling that you get from doing it you are still selfish in some way. I mean I question if there is really any selfless act. I think about celebrities who adopt children from other countries, and I wonder, what part of that was done in order to look good to the public. Its difficult when you think about motivations to make things right and wrong. Like for instance lets say Jeff saves Steve's life, but Jeff only saved it in order to become famous and to tell other people about saving him. Is it still a good deed?
To me, it seems that Steve would say that it doesn't matter about the motivations, because Steve is still alive. I think the same goes for the orphans that we see celebrities adopting, if they are having a better life than what they would have had then the motivations don't matter as much...because there is worth in the results. However, I think that is important to try and recognize what it is that makes us do what we do, and try to diminish the self-centered ways we have of looking at things. But, its almost impossible to do so and I think there is no reason to feel absolutely guilty about these motivations, as long as you recognize that they exist and that its not exactly a good thing.
But thats just what I'm thinking about
what do you think?
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa