Sunday, November 15, 2009


Buenas!!! Hey everyone so today is day 7 of 100!!! One week!!! ya!
Thanks everyone who is following and reading this blog. I hope yall keep reading it and liking it.
So I just want to apologize for all my grammatical errors. I'll try to improve on all that.

Ok so this morning I got up again and went to go driving with los cubanos. It was a lot of fun and they are getting better every time we go. Two of my roommates left town this weekend so it was a bit quiet this weekend.

I started thinking again today about something that I struggle with a lot. Like a lot of my posts so far have said I am very interested in other cultures and travel. I have been incredibly lucky to be able to do some of the things that I have so far in my life, and I have been enchanted with change. Now the other thing that really gets my soul a-movin is justice. I get very passionate when I see civil liberties cast down and people being treated like they are no longer people.
Emotion rises up in my gut and fills up my my body and even creeps into my mind. Its so hard for me to reconcile these two passions at times. Its really difficult for me to travel to places and make friends with people who will never get the opportunity to travel outside of their own country. Is that just? What gives me the right to leave a place of comfort and go to places where people are striving for comfort? I incessantly struggle with this. My rationality is that do be able to help people I need to have the experience and the language ability that only by living outside of the U.S. I will be able to achieve. I don't know if this is right, but I can't ignore either passion and this is the only way I've found that I can mix the two.
So hopefully everything will be good.
So yall be carefull y ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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  1. First of all, congrats on making it a week. It has been fun to have you accompany me on this little experiment.

    B. I really like this line "Ok so this morning I got up again and went to go driving with los cubanos." I think that as you develop your writing style you can use that code switching as a distinctive marker in your writing. It is uniquely you and gives (and can continue to give) your writing a personal touch that makes it very accessible to the reader.

    Tres, I can see your passions working together beautifully. They appear to be able to be used together. You can definitely make a huge impact buddy.