Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1000 Years

Buenas muchachos!!!
Hey guys its day 9!!! We just had a waterball game we won yaya!!! So much stuff is moving and shaking for me so lets hope it all works out. Well thanks again to everyone who is reading the blog and thanks for the comments here, on facebook, and real life. I'm afraid that I may be having people blocking me on facebook for all the times I'm publishing links to these blogs. So I hope that you don't!!!
My mother is a reading teacher, and I have been reading for as long as I can remember. My Mom used to take me into her lap and read me stories. Stories of Knights in shining armor, of pirates, of brave men and valiant women. I remember my first attempt at writing "The Monster that Ate Chicago" it was about a monster that ate Chicago. I wrote, illustrated, published and distributed this masterpiece. The illustrations were mainly squiggles and had to dictate the words to my mom. However, write it I did. It was fantastic. Really though I can't remember not loving stories, I think its incredible to hear peoples tales of their life. It blows my mind to think that everyone has a story, a reason why they are where they are in there life right at this moment. The time that this comes in my mind the most is on the highway. You know your on route somewhere and you pass someone, and in that moment you are one of the most important people in their life, but you probably won't ever see each other again. There is a whole back story that brought them into your live but you probably won't ever know it. So when I'm in my car driving by myself I like to make up stories for the people who are passing me on the highway. (does that make me creepy?) For example, I'll think to myself this big trucker next to me obviously had to come from France and he only came to the U.S. to follow his struggling blues career. Other people that I think about are people 1000 years in the future you know what I mean? Think about the people 1000 years ago and then look around the room your in. Most of the stuff in your room right now would be magic to people 1000 years ago. So when I think about how things are going to be in the future I think about stuff like Harry Potter and just assume that people will be able to do all that stuff...but with science. But Harry Potter brings me back to literature what got me started on this is I saw the last thirty minutes of Finding Neverland and the story of Peter Pan was always a favorite of mine as a child. (Probably another Freudian moment eh?)
However, I'm almost out of time so ya me voy!!!
Yall be careful y ojala que estes con una sonrisa!


  1. You and I seem to have a lot in common Brandon. Peter pan was a favorite of mine growing up too. Taking the literature class this semester has really opened my eyes to the realm of possiblites that I think I had forgotten. Keep it up!

  2. Finding Neverland is a phenomenal movie. It never fails to inspire something within me, and it appears as if it has sparked something within you as well. I always assume that truckers actually little aliens in body suits and that the government gives them that job so they can feel productive after they crashed on our planet

  3. Finally reading some of your blog!
    I definitely do the highway thing. I always think about and am blown away by thinking about how every person sharing that road has their own individual lives. They are driving to some destination to see some person and fulfill some part of their lives. So crazy. I love that.
    Love you bud!

  4. That last comment was from Jessica Johnson btw. I'm sure you know a billion Jessicas. haha