Saturday, November 21, 2009

Of couse the day of my 13th blog

Hello muchachos! I hope everything is tranquil for you guys today! This morning I woke up and to help teach los cubanos how to drive some more... but in all of the bitterest irony, later on I ended up getting in an accident. There were no injuries, and both cars were able to drive away afterward, but still not the best day.
I'm pretty frustrated, but what can you do?
Ah so now that I'm on the topic of frustration I might as well talk about a few of my current ones. I'm graduating in August from ACU and its hard to know what the future is going to have for me. Lately some things have been moving in a good direction, but I'm still not sure about it. So if I start blogging about the future, involving basically all my dreams coming true then you will now that my frustrations will be over. But until you start reading stuff about rainbows, coconuts, and waterfalls I'll probably still be a bit frustrated with my future. Bueno tambien I am frustrated with classes, I'm taking a lot of hours and now matter how much I feel like I'm learning my grades are never as high as I would like them to be... but then I would like them to be 100's.
Girls... I think that's pretty self explanatory...and most of us have the same frustrations with the sex(as in gender) that we are chasing.
Work, like I have said before I work for ACU recruiting students, and while the job is uber-tedious and a bit soul crushing I can't afford to not work it... its such a dull job its become one of ACU's best paying student positions because they are tired of training new employees, and one of my good friends Colleen(here is your shout out) who I have been working with since this summer is getting a different job. So I will no longer be the person she sees the most everyday.
One of my roommates is about to be moving out in a few months to move to St. Louis and join the real world. He is one of my best friends, and I will miss him immensely. So on top of having a good friend moving several hours away my other roommates and I are about to have to go on the roommate hunt once again. Which can be some risky business.
So on top of all that I have a movie late at Blockbuster. Aghagghh, whew that felt good. Maybe I won't get ulsters.
So there was once a time when I was called into the vice-principals office for doing something like instead of singing in choir sitting down in the back and doing the algebra homework I had forgotten about. My principal asked me why did that, and I responded with something like "I think that you can do anything that you want to as long as when your finished you are willing to face the consequences and pay for what you did." The whole cost benefit comparison type thing. Which I still agree with to a point, but, when you see big corporations who are not following environmental regulations because they figure out that it would actually be cheaper to pay the fine and keep doing what they are doing, its hard to be so sure. Is this a budget issue or an ethical issue, because the environmental harm could hurt people that the executives will never meet. However I can't ignore the whole cost benefit model, but maybe we should look less at measuring all value with dollars, euros, pesos o cualquier kind of money and use a different model.
Don't get me wrong I think money is necessary, I just think there are some other important issues too (don't want anyone going all McCarthy on me)
So I feel better, I think this whole blog thing is good, yall should try it some time.
thanks everyone who is reading, commenting and everything!!!
yall be careful y ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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