Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello!!! buenas! que onda?
So hace mucho tiepo que no escribia(its been awhile that i havent been writing) but i just havent been much in the mood to write anything. Well I am back in good old DC, at least for a few more minutes I came home to help out with the second annual Bilingual Christian Conference that my church puts on. They asked me to say a prayer en espanol y english, which is a whole lot more difficult than just talking because there is no one to bounce off of and then you have to transulate it. I got to help out a little and it was a blast. I got to see some people who i haven't seen in a year and then yesterday I saw a girl who i met in Guadalajara this summer who is going to be helping with the youth group Denver City for the next few months. This world is smaller than we want to make it.
For the last few days I've been struggling with trying to figure out what exactly I believe and what is it that I have convinced myself I belive because its convienant. I know that I tell myself a whole lot of half-truths to make some of what i do ok. But its a tough deal when someone brings that to your face and pulls out the supports from the defences that you have built around the way you live. I have been thinking about a lot of things like this lately and I feel like I have grown a whole lot from it.
well I need to start driving back to abilene so im going to head out
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Friday, January 8, 2010


Hello everyone!!! Boa tarde, bom dia, buenas
I hope today finds you well. Im just chillen here until school starts on Monday along with school come everything else and so life gets complex yet again. I sitting here with my roomate john and his girlfriend watching Lord of the Rings. Its a good movie, but the books are better. I feel like a bit of a nerd for saying that but its true. I even read the books before I saw the movies... does that make me nerdy? Probably. You know when you think about the ways everyone presents themselves. We all want people to like us and we always try to present ourselves in the most positive light...well at least for the people we care about presenting ourselves to. Its hard for me at least to let go of the image that I have built up and really just be. I mean you look at where people find their identity. Many times its in other people, or their jobs, or the stuff they do. One example is the clicks that you see develop in high school(for me I guess I would have been considered a jock, nerd, drama geek...but it was a small school so you had room to be a few things) and try to pretend they don't exist in the rest of your life. Its so cool to be cool, but not always rewarding. When you ask someone who they are the usually tell you their profession or that they are a singer or that they whatever it may be. I know that might be a bit cliche but I still think that it's true. One day I hope to be just Brandon. Whoever that may be.
Well that's it for today.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


buen noche! So I'm sitting here watching the National Championship of Division 1 College football UT v. Alabama. Its looking pretty bad for the horns but que sera, sera. Today I was basically a bum.
Over this last Christmas break I got to spend time with my family. I especially loved getting to spend time with my brothers. We might now always be doing anything cool or fun but we are spending time together. Sometimes that is the most important part of it just being together and seeing what memories are created. I had a lot of funny just chilling with family playing dominoes and trying not to be the old maid. We could even just be sitting around playing on the computer together and still memories were made. I went to watch Avatar with my family and it has to be one of my top 5 blockbuster movies of all time.(even though its basically space) I really enjoyed it, and it led to a long political/life discussion with my parents. It funny how little things can lead to big things.
In other news I just finished reading the Irresistible Revolution and I think everyone else should too.
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Que onda muchachos?
How is everyone? I really hope your having a phenomenal day filled with love, friends, and family. I have spent this day thinking and reading. Trying to get my brain prepared for this upcoming semester(my last real one at ACU) and for my future. One thing about me is I like to make it may not seem like it, because I seem to follow the first opportunity that comes into my life however I do make plans. I used to have plans to become an optometrist, I was going to come to ACU play football, major in biology, and got to optometry school afterward. Where I get into trouble is that I'm always open for something new and to scrap my plans, make new ones, and then scuttle those all over again. I don't know how you can become an spontaneous planner, but I am one. Give me one direction change in my life and within fifteen minutes I've got a direction for the next fifteen years of my life. Luckily themes have started to develop and instead of changing my entire plans its more like taking a different road to the same place...actually its more like if I was wanting to go to California and I didn't have a specific place in mind in California, and started going west. On the way I keep hearing about cool places and change my mind whether I would rather go to Los Angeles, San Fransisco, or just the beach. But I'm still headed to Cali.
haha kind of a weird analogy I know, especially for someone who has never been to California but I think it has some truth. Hopefully my spontaneity can help me in the future, but who knows I may decide I want to see Maine...
Well thats it for today
Yall be carful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Muchas buenas noches que pasa?
Whats happening this evening?
Today felt good. I got up really early and took Brooks and his girlfriend Kristina to the airport, they are headed to Colorado until school starts. I had lunch with a bunch of people who have gone to Uruguay as well, not with me but, they had all gone. I then went to the office where I work and set my work schedule for next week, and a few other things.
I wonder sometimes about some strange things. I think about what people believe and the way my mind works is to find ways flaws in their reason. It's part of the reason that I am a PolySci major. But what would you say to something like "I believe that Jesus Christ is really a time traveler from the future who with future technology was able to go back in time and perform miracles" or that "I think that the Greek gods were really an incredible civilization that was before the Greeks who had a war similar to our nuclear war and the tales of the gods were just their way of explaining this past that to them was unexplainable" Now most of us would call these completely ridiculous and I don't personally believe either one, but it would be hard to prove someone wrong with any kind of scientific method. You can only tell them what you believe and why you believe it, be that scripture, thoughts, or emotions. Don't get me wrong I am attacking no one with this its just amazing when you think about what people can do if they believe something is completely true. Look at suicide bombers, or some of the actions of crusaders, people like Hitler and Pol Pot all believed that they were right and convinced others that they were. Its tricky in today's world of incomparable information to know what is true.
well like I said I usually look at flaws in reason and I'm sure there is some in mine but I think that I have found what I believe and I have reasons for it. However I think that there should always be room to grow and to be open to new ideas...whether or not they are truth is another story. However it is important to know what all the ideas are in order to decipher what is truth.
Well just some ideas
yall be carful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tight Ropes

Hello everybody!!! Que pasa?
Well today was a good day I did laundry, got to hang out with the roommates, and then spent time with my friend Lauren.
My roommate brooks got a x-box for Christmas and it could be the bane of our semester. We played some today and we had a whole lot of fun. I hope that we can balance well this semester.
Its funny how with our lives we put so much on our plates and try to live life on the wire. I think if I was better at organizing my time so all the things I have going on would be easier at times, but I'm not sure if spending my time organizing my time is a valuable enough way of spending my time. I hope that made sense. I think where I sometimes what gets me into trouble is I value people more than I do other things so while I may plan to do one thing I will put it off in order to spend more time with people.
Well short one today still need to get back in the groove
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Buen Dia everybody!
I am back in Abilene! It has been about two weeks since I last posted...I am a failure at my 100 days straight. I made it one third of the way there and then the holidays hit and I decided that spending time with family was more important than writing a blog. I am a creature of habit as well and while here in Abilene my habit is to write a blog everyday, when I'm outside of Abilene...well yall can see what can happen. I going to start back up beginning today so here I go. So I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and I'm looking forward to seeing all you ACU folks at school!
One thing that is funny about writing this blog is seeing what people respond to. Thank you to everyone who does leave comments I try to go and read them all, but blogspot doesn't let me know that I have received a comment so sometimes its a few days later before actually see what it has to say. So I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your comment, however please keep leaving them they are very encouraging. But what I find really interesting is the posts that I think are really good and that I like writing usually aren't the ones that I get responses from. I guess its a small testament to how different we are.(or to how strange I of the two) I'm a connector and achiever...those are two really strong personality traits that I have, I am also scatterbrained and while I'm something of a jack-of-all-trades I am an expert at nothing. I have two younger brothers who while we come from the same gene pool we are all very different people. My younger brother Jared has a way of focusing on what he finds important which is amazing to me. He taught himself how to play guitar and several other instruments and he can organize and plan and make great things happen...but only on stuff that he finds important. If its not important to him he won't do it... So most of the time things like grades and cleaning his room get put on the back burner while he is writing a new song. My other brother Kaleb is very responsible, always getting the things that he needs to get done finished. He is a very hard worker and will push himself to meet the responsibilities that he has. Me, well I think that its very difficult to try to look at yourself honestly and distinguish where you are flawed and where you are gifted. I think that I am a passionate person who at times may be a bit over-diplomatic. I think I build a whole lot of very shallow connections very easily and very few deep ones. I am naturally something of an entertainer and many of my relationships are built on that, but who I am isn't always who I seem to be. Not that I'm being deceitful but I'll only let people see one piece of me. I think that sometimes I portray confidence to hide fear.
Well I don't want to get too cheesy here... but I think that most of the people that we know are like that too. You may know them, but only the part of them that you see. Like icebergs there may be a whole lot more there than is visual. I want to try to remember this in my relationships moving forward.
well first post back another one tomorrow.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa