Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Every journey starts with one step....but why is the second one tougher?

So this magical journey is on its second day.
Brooks and I are still going strong. We played waterball last night and did yoga after in order to make this experience more than just a writing venture.

As I said last time I go to Abilene Christian University. Its a small school and the culture here lends itself to finding the "one". Many of my friends are married or are getting married soon. Some of whom I'm sure will be good for each other, but others... It's hard for me to say. Even for the people who are not planning on getting married there seems to be a pressure to be in a relationship, especially for guys who are trying to get into jobs in Ministry. There are people who get latched on to each other and seem to just get married because that is what your supposed to do next. Its like its just another brick in their what they want there life to be.

We are taught by U.S. culture that love is supposed to be the strongest bond there is, that "love conquers all" but in reality there are many people who feel that love isn't the end all be all of life. If you think about people who we find incredible stirring figures in history, everyone from Saladin, King Richard the Lionhearted, or our founding fathers economics, self interest and passion are what drive people to do what they do. Now you may ask me "but isn't passion the same thing as love?" and I would have to say that love is different, but it can be something that makes you passionate. Because what your passionate about does not have to be something you love; it can be something that you just cannot stand any longer. For example, when I see people living in squalor living not from paycheck to paycheck but in complete insecurity of what they will have that night what I feel is passion. Now nothing like this is certain nor steady so while I classify this as passion others may believe it is love.

My question is
How many people out there are "in love" and how many are content to live the life that has been predestined for them by being born where they are born?


  1. The second step is harder because after the second step things become a habit, or part of your routine, rather.

    Lookin' forward to more posts. :]

  2. Passion gives way to the actions of love. Don't forget what our good friends DC Talk taught us, "Love is a verb". We choose to love, but sometimes our passions are not chosen

  3. Nicely said buddy, it seems like ACU has been doing a really good job in forcing relationships such as a boyfriend and girlfriend to take the next step into marriage...even if not ready. I don't attend ACU, but I feel like if I went there that I would be looking for my life companion way to early and way to often in my young life and forcing a less adventurous life to be even more boring and content by settling for someone that I possible might not love.

  4. Just to let everyone know out there...this is coming from a single yet sexy/studly man that hasn't quite enjoyed the fruits of love!