Monday, November 9, 2009

Starting the Journey!!

Ok so my roomie big brooksdirk has started a journey to write everyday for one hundred days... so I have decided to try join him on his epic adventure.
So a bit about me
I'm a guy who is just trying to live the dream here in Abilene. I grew up in a the tiny town of Denver City TX, and I had never left the country and I had barely left the state until I was 18 and went to Mexico.
So now I'm an International Relations major travel is my passion and I cant wait to go somewhere new, I've been all over Latin America and some of those experiences will indubitably end up on here. I am a passionate guy and some of my strong beliefs will seep into this blog but I'll try to keep it lighthearted.

To start this blog I just wanted to tell you guys a story about working recruiting students to go to Abilene Christian University... in other words my job.
So I have been working this job for about six months or so and its not so hard I don't really have to do much... but lets be honest here all I do is call high school kids all day. So now I am very experienced at talking to high school students and just random people about ACU. But in all my thousands of calls one thing that I have discovered is how mind boggling wrong numbers are to people. I call my assigned phone number and in the most professional kind voice that I can muster I say "Hello may I speak with Hope please?" The response I usually I get is "O I'm sorry she isn't in right now" or something along those lines. However, when I have a number that is wrong on my list and I call people like to respond in the most startled offended voice "WHAAAT? WHO IS THAT?!?!?!?" and I say "Hope? Hope Davis" and then can feel their ostracized tones drip through the receiver as they say "What?!! there is no Hope here?!!" (true story) or something of a similar genre. My question is why do people get so offended that I took up two minutes or less of their time?
Since starting this job I so much nicer to people over the phone... you now its not their fault if your TV isn't working or whatever and you know they are people too.
so while

Maybe not the best blog ever but it was my first time
have patience and maybe ill get decent at this stuff
Yall be careful; Live and Love y espero que estes con una sonrisa!

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  1. I started at your most recent post and worked backwards to your posting from Day 1. Seems like I used to know you so much better ;-). Good stuff, BK. May just have to subscribe to see how your 100 days turn out. Keep writing!