Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey everyone, Oye! Oi galara!!!
its been awhile since I've written on this one, but if you want to know whats going on with me in Brazil check out this blog . I feel like this post makes more sense here vs. my other blog.
So yesterday I somehow got pulled into being a bus monitor for 41 twelve and thirteen year old Brazilian students who were going to Hopi Hari, the largest theme park in Latin America. One of my friends here is a math teacher at the school and he asked me if I would go because they were having trouble finding enough adults to go because normal adults have jobs that don't let them leave on a Thursday for the whole day. So I went, and it was a blast the kids were good...mostly...and I think Jr. High age kids are funny in whatever language. Quickly though, at the very first they could tell I wasn't Brazilian but they weren't sure where I was from so I asked them to guess. They guessed first Portuguese, then Italian, then Argentine so my Portuguese must be getting better. Pride points yaya. (I know pride isn't always good, but come on that's pretty cool)
My whole life I have been terrified of heights, like I used to be afraid of riding escalators, so I was leery to go to an amusement park. Once I got there though I didn't have to wait in lines because I had a professors pass (perks yaya) but I went directly to the big roller coaster, then the huge tower that lets you drop, and I wasn't that scared. Don't get me wrong I was a scared, and I had a good time, but I didn't have the absolute terror that I have had in the past, and whats weird is it missed it. It let me feel alive, real, and concentrated. As I've gotten older most things have become blurrier and once strong feelings have gotten less, I know its a part of growing up and I started to feel stronger about different things. Its like how your tongue changes as you get older and you start to enjoy the flavors of different things. Like as a kid, I hated onions but today I really enjoy them and I used to love peperoni pizza more than anything else, but now its just ok. My tastes have changed, but when I eat pizza I miss enjoying it the way that I did. I miss feeling with utter confidence about what is right and what is wrong, what is politically right, and what is best. I miss being afraid, of being certain, I miss knowing I was right, but I can't go back to black and white as much as I miss it, but my tastes have changed and I'm liking gray.
Yall be careful y espero que estes con una sonrisa

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