Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apples and Vegetables

Ok day three still making it happen
Its going to keep going so if you read it follow me ya!

Ok so there was once a time when I was eating dinner with my good friends Jordan and Joanna and we ended up getting in a conversation about the differences between men and women. At the time we were all living together with 13 other women and three other guys in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was one of the greatest experiences that I have but it was also the closest that I will probably ever come to living in the Real World.
Many of the normal things got said, but I felt in one of my rare insightful moments came when I made the analogy that Guys are like Apples and Women are like vegetables. Now hear me out it may sound a bit mad but give it a shot.
Guys to be honest are pretty generic, don't get me wrong we are different, but we are different like the differences between apples. I mean we have Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious but we are all still apples... You get a bunch of guys together and give them either a sports game to watch, their preferred video game, or a simple game like washers to play and they can be entertained for hours. Now none of those things may be their favorite thing to do, but most of the time guys will be ok with any of these. Now there are always a few pineapples but they are apples too.
Now this is the consensus that Joanna and I were able to come up with about women. No women is the same and every one has differences in their personality. They are all still women but there are so many varieties like vegitables. You have carrots, broccoli, sweet peas. They are all still vegitables but they are all so different.
Well just some things to think about
Let me know what you think
yall be careful y ojala que estes con una sonrisa!


  1. I see only one problem with this analogy. Hooper will never eat all his vegetables, but we all know that with women......

  2. hmmm...that's fun analogy. it's very true, i think.