Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Like Ants

Que pasa ustedes?
I hope everyone is doing well tonight! I almost though with finals only two more to go!!! I had two finals today, they were pretty rough...not that they were that hard its just that one was at 8 am... which isn't to bad usually, but it is horrible for a final. Hopefully it will end up good though. Today I got to have lunch with my good friend Ryan, then I went to church, and tonight I had dinner with a group of amazing girls.
This week has been such a grind, and it keeps on going. Its funny in times that are difficult like this the things that people can accomplish...finals week really can't compare to the people who move boulders and lift cars when their loved ones are in danger. It just amazes me what it is that people can really accomplish when they have no reservations.
Hey ive got to study.
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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