Friday, December 4, 2009


Hey everybody!
Buenas noches!!! I hope life is grand with everybody. Today, I went to class and a few other things. I went to a few different places.
I was looking today at the colors on the stoplights, and I started wondering about how people who are color blind can make it through the drivers ed test...then I remembered my friend who's Dad was color blind, and I asked him about it when we were kids. He told me that he had to memorize the order that the lights came in...I was thinking about how with all these new lights in the big city would it be harder to remember which lights are which... but then that is just for me because I'm used to depending on color. It's incredible some of the most basic things that we have we dont even realize how lucky we are to have them until they are gone... Things like health, limbs, sight, electricity, running water. Things like that. If you look at the elderly people in the world, who are a growing percentage of our population, you see that all of them were once the same as I am now. Its hard to imagine myself one day in a nursing home, and it is one of my biggest fears, but statistically speaking... that is probably going to be what will happen to me one day. I honestly don't think I'll make it to a retirement home, I'll probably get shot, or die of a heart attack, or my parachute won't open... I'm just not that lucky...but I'm not afraid of dying...I am more afraid of loosing independence.
Well thats some thoughts for today
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa!


  1. You're going to get shot? Doing what, exactly?

  2. Well, that was an uplifting post today, Brandon. When you say "loosing (sic) independence" you mean 'wetting yourself', right?