Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hey everybody!!! Buenas!!!
So today I had two finals one for public administration and the other in Latin-American cinema. Tomorrow I have one in microeconomics and I have to present a final project in social research.
Tonight I worked with Tony and Coleen on getting our project done...one of my main responsibilities was going at getting about thirty surveys filled out for our project. So I walked around the library, called in a few favors, and passed them out to a cloud of freshmen girls. At first they seemed a bit hesitant, but then I told them that the survey is about marriage. They jumped on that thing faster than a bunch of thirteen year old boys on peperoni pizzas after a swimming party. I'm kind of wierded out by our freshman class this year, we already have 3 freshman girls who are engaged to guys who they met this semester here at ACU. I don't know if what they are feeling is love, but I know that when I was a freshman I was not ready for any kind of relationship of that level. I don't want to say that it can't work, because my parents were really young when they were wed... but I wish that they would wait until they got through with a few years of college... or even dating a few more months.
well I dont have that much to say
yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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  1. That's hysterical. The "faster than 13-yo-boys" thing, that is.
    I'm no expert, but going from just met to engaged in a single semester does seem to be rushing things, especially at 18. Better be praying for them!