Sunday, January 3, 2010


Buen Dia everybody!
I am back in Abilene! It has been about two weeks since I last posted...I am a failure at my 100 days straight. I made it one third of the way there and then the holidays hit and I decided that spending time with family was more important than writing a blog. I am a creature of habit as well and while here in Abilene my habit is to write a blog everyday, when I'm outside of Abilene...well yall can see what can happen. I going to start back up beginning today so here I go. So I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and I'm looking forward to seeing all you ACU folks at school!
One thing that is funny about writing this blog is seeing what people respond to. Thank you to everyone who does leave comments I try to go and read them all, but blogspot doesn't let me know that I have received a comment so sometimes its a few days later before actually see what it has to say. So I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your comment, however please keep leaving them they are very encouraging. But what I find really interesting is the posts that I think are really good and that I like writing usually aren't the ones that I get responses from. I guess its a small testament to how different we are.(or to how strange I of the two) I'm a connector and achiever...those are two really strong personality traits that I have, I am also scatterbrained and while I'm something of a jack-of-all-trades I am an expert at nothing. I have two younger brothers who while we come from the same gene pool we are all very different people. My younger brother Jared has a way of focusing on what he finds important which is amazing to me. He taught himself how to play guitar and several other instruments and he can organize and plan and make great things happen...but only on stuff that he finds important. If its not important to him he won't do it... So most of the time things like grades and cleaning his room get put on the back burner while he is writing a new song. My other brother Kaleb is very responsible, always getting the things that he needs to get done finished. He is a very hard worker and will push himself to meet the responsibilities that he has. Me, well I think that its very difficult to try to look at yourself honestly and distinguish where you are flawed and where you are gifted. I think that I am a passionate person who at times may be a bit over-diplomatic. I think I build a whole lot of very shallow connections very easily and very few deep ones. I am naturally something of an entertainer and many of my relationships are built on that, but who I am isn't always who I seem to be. Not that I'm being deceitful but I'll only let people see one piece of me. I think that sometimes I portray confidence to hide fear.
Well I don't want to get too cheesy here... but I think that most of the people that we know are like that too. You may know them, but only the part of them that you see. Like icebergs there may be a whole lot more there than is visual. I want to try to remember this in my relationships moving forward.
well first post back another one tomorrow.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa


  1. We kinda touched on this subject the other day didn't we? lol. Keep writing, I love reading them.

  2. Good stuff, Brandón. Welcome back to Abilene and to the blog. A 100 Days of Blogging is nice...but not as nice as spending time with those you love. Good choice. Here's to good choices in 2010! ¡Ojalá que nos veamos pronto!

  3. You are pretty strange! ;)

    Blogging every day is not as easy as it sounds, besides, you don't have to blog 100 days in a row, right? Glad you had fun at home.