Friday, January 8, 2010


Hello everyone!!! Boa tarde, bom dia, buenas
I hope today finds you well. Im just chillen here until school starts on Monday along with school come everything else and so life gets complex yet again. I sitting here with my roomate john and his girlfriend watching Lord of the Rings. Its a good movie, but the books are better. I feel like a bit of a nerd for saying that but its true. I even read the books before I saw the movies... does that make me nerdy? Probably. You know when you think about the ways everyone presents themselves. We all want people to like us and we always try to present ourselves in the most positive light...well at least for the people we care about presenting ourselves to. Its hard for me at least to let go of the image that I have built up and really just be. I mean you look at where people find their identity. Many times its in other people, or their jobs, or the stuff they do. One example is the clicks that you see develop in high school(for me I guess I would have been considered a jock, nerd, drama geek...but it was a small school so you had room to be a few things) and try to pretend they don't exist in the rest of your life. Its so cool to be cool, but not always rewarding. When you ask someone who they are the usually tell you their profession or that they are a singer or that they whatever it may be. I know that might be a bit cliche but I still think that it's true. One day I hope to be just Brandon. Whoever that may be.
Well that's it for today.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa.

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  1. Well, Just Brandon, you may be a nerd but at least you have good taste in reading material! And while I will drop everything to watch LOTR, the books are still much, much better. Good stuff.
    Enjoy your last weekend of peace & freedom! ;)