Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Muchas buenas noches que pasa?
Whats happening this evening?
Today felt good. I got up really early and took Brooks and his girlfriend Kristina to the airport, they are headed to Colorado until school starts. I had lunch with a bunch of people who have gone to Uruguay as well, not with me but, they had all gone. I then went to the office where I work and set my work schedule for next week, and a few other things.
I wonder sometimes about some strange things. I think about what people believe and the way my mind works is to find ways flaws in their reason. It's part of the reason that I am a PolySci major. But what would you say to something like "I believe that Jesus Christ is really a time traveler from the future who with future technology was able to go back in time and perform miracles" or that "I think that the Greek gods were really an incredible civilization that was before the Greeks who had a war similar to our nuclear war and the tales of the gods were just their way of explaining this past that to them was unexplainable" Now most of us would call these completely ridiculous and I don't personally believe either one, but it would be hard to prove someone wrong with any kind of scientific method. You can only tell them what you believe and why you believe it, be that scripture, thoughts, or emotions. Don't get me wrong I am attacking no one with this its just amazing when you think about what people can do if they believe something is completely true. Look at suicide bombers, or some of the actions of crusaders, people like Hitler and Pol Pot all believed that they were right and convinced others that they were. Its tricky in today's world of incomparable information to know what is true.
well like I said I usually look at flaws in reason and I'm sure there is some in mine but I think that I have found what I believe and I have reasons for it. However I think that there should always be room to grow and to be open to new ideas...whether or not they are truth is another story. However it is important to know what all the ideas are in order to decipher what is truth.
Well just some ideas
yall be carful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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  1. That does kind of make it sound like Jesus was Doctor Who!