Monday, February 15, 2010


Buenas Everybody,
So I'm writing a paper right now and I realized that I have not been writing lately and I am missing it. I think that with writing daily my brain was having to strain and overcome obstacles and without writing I'm leaving a part of me wilting. Wow, so it has been over a month since I have added anything to this mess of a blog. I promised to be better and I didn't deliver. I am sorry to anyone who had put their trust into my blogging. Life has been immensely convoluted the last month I have been learning Portuguese, practicing almost everyday with my friends Pedro, Rebeca, and Dr. Brown. I'm pathetic at it, but I love it. I am currently in Sing Song with the IEH group(International Students Association, Essence of Ebony, Hispanos Unidos) and while it may seem that I would be out of place with this group my friend Aryanne is the director and she needed more guys. So while I don't ever want to go to practice I have a blast hanging with everyone and goofing off(I may actually be a detriment to the getting stuff done part of Sing Song)
When I was in South America I started collecting bracelets that I wore on my wrists. I had two from Uruguay, one from Brazil, and then this summer I bought three in Mexico. They have been falling off the last few months and each one has been sad. I was down to my last one...the biggest one I had which I bought from a hippy girl in La Plaza Independencia en Montevideo. I just now realized that its gone and I don't know where it is. I have gone almost a year and a half with this same bracelet, never taking it off. I rarely thought about it when it was on but now I mourn its loss. It is an unexpected sadness, because as each bracelet fell off I knew the day was coming that it would fall as well. It's just one more connection to that seems to be lost, because even if I find it and tie it back on it will be my hand that ties it instead of hers.
I am not very good at most things, however, I do have the ability to make very quick very intense connections with people. While I am a very lighthearted person, when these connections sputter out the relationships I have with people change and people drift in and out of my life, its lamentable and it hangs heavy with me when I think about it.
But the other thing that I am really good at is procrastination and I need to get back to this paper.
Yall be careful and ojala que estes con una sonrisa

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  1. Great post, Brandón. I laughed aloud thinking of you in this particular group - this splash of leche in a sea of café - being an "ituyo" (ask Brooks) in Sing Song. How many times did I create more work for the leaders with my often sleep-deprived fueled antics. Too funny. I also loved hearing your experience of the bracelets and their tangible reminder of the connections you share to people and places. You really "took me there" with your words. Gracias por compartir, querido. Espero que el hilo de nuestra amistad nunca se quebre. Que duermas, Brandón, y tengas un buen día.